Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I order the loudtoast marketing bundle?

Click here and complete our simple author sign up process. At the end of the signup process there is a checkout just like any other online purchase. You will immediately receive an online receipt and 24 hours later you will receive an email with a link to your own private webpage that will include all of your LoudToast bundled marketing tools.

When filling out the form you will be required to supply:

*Web links are optional. (youtube video, photos or an podcast - at least one will be required by Apple for app review)

2. What are the bundled products that I receive for $1000.00?

You will receive 10 LoudToast marketing tools in 24 hours when you sign up. These tools are designed specifically for authors to assist them with promoting their book both online and in the real world. LoudToast looked at the most innovative marketing channels where you can spread the word and tailored customized products for these channels.

You marketing tool bundle includes: (click on each for a detailed explanation of benefits)

  1. iPhone App
  2. iPad App
  3. Graphical Facebook FanPage
  4. Twitter Design Pack
  5. Share-It with Friends Webpage
  6. Web Banner Ads
  7. Blog Design Pack
  8. PowerPoint Templates
  9. Emailable PDF Brochure
  10. 2500 Printed Promo Cards

3. How soon will I receive the tools after I order them?

If you place your complete order by 9am Monday-Friday PST you will receive an email with access to your LoudToast bundle the next business day. Holidays excluded.

4. Once I receive the marketing bundle in 24 hours, how will I know what to do with them?

After you purchase the LoudToast bundle you will receive an email in 24 hours with a link to your own private webpage with access to download all of your marketing tools. (click here for a sample) Each of the 10 tools has a customized video with information on how to use your tools to effectively market your book. (click here to watch a sample)

5. Once I have ordered my LoudToast bundle can I make edits to my tools?

Your iPhone and iPad applications have an online editing tool to allow you to go in make ongoing changes to your applications - allowing you to update the applications even after people have installed them on their iphone or ipad.

Edits and changes to your other marketing tools: (Fanpage, Twitter Design, Share-It, Web Banners, Blog Design, PowerPoint, PDF, Promo card)
Once you have submitted your order all of your products are individually created by our design marketing specialists. We do not allow you to make edits to them. (similar to printing a book - once it goes to press it's complete!)

However we will offer you a discounted rate if you need to revise a set of tools. Click here to email customer service. It is important for you to submit the correct information when completing the sign-up process.

6. Do you offer refunds?

We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. If you are aren't completely satisfied, please contact our customer service department and we will make it right.

7. I have several books I would like to feature, how do I do that?

The LoudToast bundle is designed to focus your marketing on one book title at a time. However in your iPhone and iPad applications you have the ability to include book covers, descriptions, endorsements and buy links for all of your other books. If you would like to order multiple bundles please contact customer service here for discounts.

8. Will my publisher allow me to do this?

Yes! These tools are endorsed by publishers as an excellent way that will help you and them spread the word.

9. Do I maintain the rights to my intellectual property content?

Yes. LoudToast does not claim ownership of any of your intellectual property, all copyrights remain with you and your publisher.

10. Can I order a custom skin for my publishing project?

Yes. Please contact customer service here if you are interested in ordering a custom designed skin for your project.

11. Will you create a LoudToast bundle for any kind of book?

Yes. But... LoudToast maintains the right to refuse an order for any book for any reason.

12. Will LoudToast submit my iPhone and iPad app through the Apple developer process for me?

Yes. LoudToast is an authorized Apple developer and will handle your submission process and notify you as soon as your app is available in the App Store.

13. How quickly will my iPhone and iPad app be available in the Apple app store?

Currently Apple is approving most apps within 7 days of submission. LoudToast apps meet all of Apple's development qualifications and are being approved daily without any problem, but LoudToast cannot guarantee approval by Apple.